Alcohol Causes Aggression Can It Reduce Aggression Too?

alcohol and anger

Researchers don’t yet have a complete understanding of theprocesses that lead some to aggression, but they have identified certain typesof people who are more prone to alcohol-related aggression. https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/5-great-tips-for-being-sober-around-drinkers/ With impaired executive brain function you are less able toresist a wide array behavioral impulses. Some people have a genetic variation of the serotonin 2B receptor gene HTR2B.

Angry Drunk Psychology: Why Does Alcohol Make Some People Abusive?

Healthcare providers offer guidance in anger management, facilitating the recovery process. Through personalized strategies, individuals acquire tools to recognize triggers and adopt healthier coping mechanisms, fostering sustained sobriety. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is one of the leading causes of the global burden of disease and injury (WHO), despite the continuous discovery of novel pharmacotherapeutic agents (Pakri Mohamed et al., 2018). Various factors such as environmental, social, situational, and cultural context have distinctive consequences toward substance use and its effects on individuals (Latkin et al., 2017). Violence related to substance use has been widely reported and studied, particularly the potential for violent outcomes between the different substances of use (Duke et al., 2018).

alcohol and anger

Alcohol and Intimate Partner Violence

In the pursuit of her relationship with Dan Gallagher (played by Michael Douglas) she exhibits many of the symptoms of BPD including rage, unstable self-image, fears of abandonment and violence. If you are thinking about quitting drinking, talk to your healthcare provider. Medical supervision, behavioral health treatment, and mutual-aid groups can help you through alcohol withdrawal and stay stopped.

alcohol and anger


  • Emotional regulation skills and relapse prevention tools are also taught.
  • In the study, nearly 500 participants completed a questionnaire about their inclination to consider future outcomes.
  • Support groups or addiction counseling can tackle the underlying issues effectively.
  • Moderate to heavy drinkers can also benefit from medical supervision in the acute withdrawal stage.
  • Smoking and drinking is on the rise among teenagers in Europe, Central Asia and Canada, and girls now match or even exceed boys when it comes to substance use, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a new report on Thursday.
  • Find a supportive friend or family member to be with you while you withdraw and support your new non-drinking lifestyle.

Alcohol has a closer association with aggressive behavior than any other mind-altering substance, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Violent behavior may occur in as much as 50% of people with alcohol use disorder (AUD). In Finland alone, 491 persons were killed within 4 years period and ~82% of the perpetrators were intoxicated with alcohol, where 39% of them were alcoholism and anger alcoholics and 45% of the reported murders were committed with knives (Liem et al., 2013). In Singapore, out of 253 homicide offenders, 141 individuals (56%) were suffering from AUD and 121 offenders (48%) drank alcohol within 24 h preceding their criminal offense (Yeo et al., 2019). In the Brazilian city of Diadem, limiting the hours of alcoholic sales in bars to 11 p.m.

The potential for harm

  • The fear of abandonment or rejection as well as sensitivity to frustration and stress can easily lead to a heightened sense of threat.
  • Anger expression may also be confused with aggression or hostility, two consequences of drinking commonly cited in research.
  • People who are more focused on the present than the future are more likely to become angry and aggressive under the influence of alcohol, for example, Science Daily publishes.
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In many situations, yes, the perpetrator of violence has abused alcohol, but in some cases, the victim abuses alcohol, often as a means of coping with the trauma of violence or abuse. Alcohol is sometimes referred to as a “social lubricant”, because it lowers inhibitions and makes it easier to be in uncomfortable social situations. Culturally, alcohol use is not only acceptable, but heartily encouraged via enticing advertising, subtle and not so subtle peer pressure, and its abundant availability almost anywhere you go. Alcoholics Anonymous highlights anger as a major relapse trigger, with co-founder Bill Wilson noting, “Resentment is the top offender.

Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT)

It’s not your life span you need to worry about. It’s your health span.

alcohol and anger

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alcohol and anger

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